Translation and International Editing Department

The long-standing national and international success of our Translation Department lies, first and foremost, in the confidence that has been built between us and our large client base across the world. This is because the quality of our work has remained above reproach and is second to none in the industry. Our experienced and highly qualified translators see to it that we remain on top of our competitors.

In the event of any discrepancies between our staff and our clients on the understanding of any text, we consult our clients in order to harmonize our different readings of the text before proceeding, in order to ensure good quality work. In line with this therefore, clients are entitled to a draft copy of their work before the final version is sent to them. As well, sensitive and confidential documents are given maximum protection in order to keep the confidentiality of such documents.

Even though our translation department is wholly responsible for the quality and confidentiality of documents translated, translators who translate documents are required to identify themselves and sign at the end of their work to confirm that the integrity of the work has not been compromised in any way, shape or form.

Documents: To send your documents to us for translation, complete the below form and attach your document.

Editing Department:

The Editing department of the Institute of Modern Languages is known internationally for its quality and the thoroughness. We work with Universities, Colleges, Professional Institutions, National governments, International Bodies, and various Businesses around the world.

Business Editing:

For Businesses, National and International Bodies, we edit voluminous final project reports, proposals, legislation and/or documents of all kinds.

Download form to send us your documents for editing.

Editing for Students of Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher Learning around the World: 

The Editing Department of the Institute of Modern Languages has a long experience in editing students’ academic work in Canadian and foreign Universities and Colleges as well as other Institutions of higher learning. Students of English or students studying programs in English both in Canada and elsewhere in the world, send us their academic work for editing. We do not do students’ work for themWe are limited to editing their work or correcting the language component of their assignments and/or project work, before they submit them for grading.

When students finish their academic work, regardless of the level of study or the nature of the work, they send their work to us by downloading and filling the below form and paying the applicable fees. We edit and return the work to them through the same channel.

We edit everything including assignments, theses of any kind, doctoral theses etc, or anything the students want us to edit; we provide that service.