About The Founder

The Institute of Modern Languages was founded in 2005 by  Professor​ Zack Ilboudo.

Mr. Ilboudo has the rare combined qualification of a French and English Professor with an extra qualification as a Specialist in the teaching of these two languages. A certified member and in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers, Professor​ Zack Ilboudo has a long experience as a University and College French Professor, as a French and English Professor at the Institute of Modern Languages and in many High Schools in Ontario.

As a professor of the Institute of Modern Languages, Professor​ Zack Ilboudo has acquired extensive experience in adult education and knows how to handle adult instructional challenges of all kinds to make it possible for the adult learner to succeed. Professor​ Zack Ilboudo has offered various forms of language training to many Departments and Agencies of the Canadian Federal government in Ottawa, Canada.

In addition to teaching, Professor​ Zack Ilboudo specialises in curriculum development and writes course contents and outlines for Institutions, Federal government Departments and Agencies, businesses etc. to help them set up their own language training programs, and does follow-up rounds of these Institutions to inspect how the course contents are serving the purpose for which they were written.