Follow-up Sevices and Technical Support

Federal government departments, Businesses and International clients who wish to develop their own in-house training programs, regardless of the learning program, often seek the unparalleled expertise of the Institute of Modern Languages in curriculum development to help them put in place a viable learning program designed to meet their operational needs.

The Institute of Modern Languages takes this challenge seriously and, invariably, strives to meet all the expectation of our clients. We do not stop there. Once the learning program is up and running, we offer follow-up services to our clients to make sure that the expectations for which the curriculum was developed, are met squarely.

Technical support offered within the context of the follow-up services we provide to our clients, consist principally of regular visits to the various training centers to meet with teachers who train with the curriculum, developed by the Institute of Modern Languages.

  • meet teachers to determine how the program is working
  • inspect lesson notes to see the flow of instruction
  • provide technical advice on how stated objectives can be met in the dispensation of lessons
  • how to assess and to evaluate
  • areas of assessments and evaluations
  • What areas need to be covered within which length of time in order to meet objectives?

These services are planned or sporadic depending on training managers of our clients.