About Us

The Institute of Modern Languages of Ottawa, has four main departments:


French and English Language Instruction Department
Curriculum Development Department
Translation and International Editing Department
Home Stay Department


Language Instruction Department:


The Language Instruction Department of the Institute of Modern Languages offers a year- round French and English language courses to the Federal government of Canada as well as to the private sector (Business and Industry etc). The department also offers ESL and TOEFL courses to International students to prepare them to enter Canadian Universities and Colleges as well as to new immigrants in their effort to resettle and integrate successfully in Canada.


At the forefront of the language training industry in Canada, a warm welcome and an ardent commitment to help clients to succeed is legendary of the Institute of Modern Languages. Success in reaching one’s objectives at our Institute is brought about by the professionalism of our experienced teachers, an enriching environment conducive to learning, and a personalised attention to help students overcome learning challenges of all kinds.


Our approach to instruction is based on our philosophy that every learner is different with different hopes and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, goals and objectives, and preoccupations of varying degrees. For this reason, all our programs are tailored to the specific needs of each student thereby making it possible for the learner to achieve his/her goals within a short time. Our courses are designed generally to bring about fast learning and are fuelled by a high level of individual attention that focuses on the acquisition and the application of core language skills to real life and professional situations i.e. the business and professional situations the learner typically encounters on a daily basis.


Registration: To register for any of our courses in this department, please fill in this form and send to us.