French and English Language Instruction Department

The Department of languages of the Institute of Modern Languages offers courses in French and English throughout the year to the Federal Government of Canada, Private Industry as well as to foreign ESL students. These same courses are offered to Provincial and Federal government agencies in charge of immigrant resettlement programs to immigrants to help them master either of the Official languages of Canada in order integrate fully in language into Canadian society.

At the Institute of Modern Languages, the warm welcome and the firm commitment to accompany our students up to success is legendary.

We rely on these assets to achieve our objectives:

  • the professionalism of experienced teachers
  • the rewarding environment conducive to learning
  • the personalized follow-up service provided to learners to help them overcome all
  • meeting of the challenges of our students.

Our approach to teaching is anchored on the belief that each learner is unique: Every student has his/her objectives to achieve within a given time. We believe in the student’s potential, strengths, and determination to overcome any challenges.

That is why our programs is adapted to the specific needs of each learner, allowing him/her quick learning and success in the short term. The high level of individual attention focuses on the acquisition of language skills. It continues to the practical implementation of these skills in the student’s daily life and real professional situations constantly.


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French and English Language Department


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