Intensive Programs of the Institute

Public Servants of Canada

The Institute of Modern Languages offers intensive language training programs over two weekends every month designed specifically to train employees of the Federal government of Canada towards the rapid acquisition of the three main language skills in order to meet the language profiles of their positions as required by the Official Languages Act.

Target Groups Eligible to Train:

  1. Clients whose levels have expired after five years and they wish to re-take the Public Service administered language competence exams but neither have the time for a prolonged language training program, nor do they have approval for training from Management.


  1. Clients whose levels are on the verge of expiring and they need a brush-up before re-taking the Public Service administered exams.


  1. Clients with knowledge slightly above beginner level and such clients need a quick, enhanced and intensive training in order to take the Public Service administered exams.

This intensive training is offered in a classroom format with a teacher. The number of students in a class varies from one training program to the other.

Any client who falls within these target groups is qualified to benefit from this intensive training program.


The two-weekend intensive training program lasts for 4 days (two weekends in a role);

32 hours of training. Clients are expected to be able to take the government administered exams after this intensive course.


We have limited space available because of the high level of success of clients who take the intensive course. We encourage early registration and payment as a confirmation of participation.