The Institute

The Institute of Modern Languages is a language school which offers French and English courses. We offer a variety of other modern languages such as : Arabic, Swahili, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Our Institute brings you a flexible and adaptable solution leading to a fast acquisition of levels B, C, and E in both French and English or in any of the languages we offer.

We offer language training 7 days a week (Monday to Sunday).
> We offer training in the evenings scheduled to meet the convenience of our students.
> We are available to come to your office to train you there if you cannot make it to our location.

We understand that every learner is different hence all our programs are tailored to the specific needs of each student thereby making it possible for the learner to achieve his/her goal within a short time after registering with us. Our language courses offer fast learning and a high degree of individual attention, focusing on the application of the core language skills to real life and professional situations. Course content concentrates on the business and professional situations that the learner typically encounters daily (e.g. professional and social interaction, telephone communication, formal/informal meetings, presentations, etc.) leading rapidly to the desired level or it may be industry-specific (e.g. legal, banking and finance, government policy, etc.)

Our course content is designed around the content of the government evaluation of each level. Whereas the learner will, on completion of a course with us, be able to express himself /herself freely and fluently in the desired language, it is important to stress that our efforts are geared towards teaching the student the material needed for him/her to obtain the level he came to us for.