Services and programs


The language instruction department of the Institute of Modern Languages offers a wide variety of services and programs:


Group Training:

Group classes of students of the same level in any given language. In other to create a homogenous classroom, students are given a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine their current levels in order to place them in a group of students with the same level.


One-on-one private training:

We offer one-on-one private training at the client’s place of convenience. This service covers all disciplines: oral interaction, grammar and comprehension.


In-house training services:

Classes are generally held at our location in downtown Ottawa. However, clients who cannot make it to our center due to operational constraints, we offer in-house training directly to them at their work places in group and individual training formats.


Home Training Services:

Even though we are operational 7 days a week with extensive flexible hours, we offer home training services to clients who, for one reason or the other, do not wish or cannot make it to our center. We bring the training to the client in the comfort of his/her home. This service allows clients to study; all the while taking care of other domestic challenges i.e. kids and other household chores.

High School and Elementary School Students

We now offer service for High School and Elementary School Students in the evenings to help them catch up with their French or English or help them do their assignments and revise with them school material.

4 hrs per week for 12 weeks for $600 dollars per semester. 10 students minimum needed to run this program. Register Now! Limited Space.