Semester and Fees per Semester

Our Semester and Fees per Semester

The Institute of Modern Languages runs four semesters per year: Fall Semester, Winter Semester, Spring Semester and a curtailed summer semester. In each semester, we offer group courses and individual one-on-one courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels in grammar, comprehension and oral interaction in both French and English.

Each semester, except the summer, lasts for 12 weeks: from September to December for the Fall Semester, from January to March for the winter semester, from April to June for the Spring semester and from July to August for the summer semester.


Foreign ESL Students:

We offer ESL training for foreign students who wish to learn English before enrolling in our Canadian Universities or who wish to take TOEFL and/or various English aptitude tests to enrol into professional university courses. ESL training follows the same pattern as all other courses i.e. four semesters per year.

Other than these four semesters we run on a yearly basis, we run other personalised services where teachers can be sent to the client’s home or to the client’s place of work to offer training.


Our Fees:

Group Training per semester of 12 weeks: $600.00 per semester: 2 classes of 2 hours per class for a total 4 hours of training per week.

One-on-one private training: $30.00 per hour

Home Training: $35.00 per hour. The cost of home training depends on the needs of the client hence the total cost can vary.


ESL Training:

Full time: $250.00 per week per student: $1,000.00 per student per month.